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Untitled Monument - by Manca Bajec













Text collaged from:

Q. Horatius Flaccus (Horace): Odes, Book 3, Poem 30
Percy Bysshe Shelley: Ozymandias
William Shakespeare: Sonnet 55
Elizabeth Bishop: The Monument







Manca Bajec

Manca Bajec is an artist and writer whose multidisciplinary work is situated in the field of space/time, memory and sociopolitical issues. Completing a BA at the Academy of Fine Art in Venice, she continued her studies in Ljubljana while working in theaters as a stage designer and performer. She moved to London to study curating in 2010 and began to focus on memory and monument building. She was nominated for the emerging artist ESSL Award in 2010 and was an Ashley Family Foundation Fellow in 2011. She is currently a PhD candidate at the Royal College of Art conducting research on destruction of monuments. Bajec who grew up in the Middle East, now lives and works in London.



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