Since stones started to be measured, weighted, and scientifically gauged, Leskov tells us, part of their mysterious and ancestral capacity of speaking with men evaporated under scrutinizing lenses.

The project engages with movements that affect time and space, which is why the series is ordered into movements, as in a piece of music; things move, but also people, goods, capital.

Between 2013 and 2014 I went for long walks on the Ligurian seashore, precisely, in the area of Monte Moro (more or less 15 km from the city centre of Genoa). Stretched out throughout this area, is a concatenation of bunkers built at the beginning of World War Two by the allied forces.I'm a recipe description. This is a great place to set instructions that describe how to prepare me. Double click me to change me and add your own content. To customize me and change my font click on the Design tab in the property panel.

'Plâtre à toucher chez de Zayas’ is a sculpture by Edith Clifford William from 1916 that is registered 'lost'. It has resurfaced in the enigmatic space of virtual internet cafes as they exist in game engines and online platforms.

In The London Burial Grounds (1896), Isabella Holmes describes All Souls’ Cemetery at Kensal Green as ‘truly awful,’ decrying ‘its catacombs, its huge mausoleums, family vaults, statues, broken pillars, weeping images, and oceans of tombstones.’

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The relationship between memory and history in the Balkans has always been a contested one. The two have been closely intertwined in nationalist and state-building narratives, as well as in underpinning political discourses.

My intervention at the Clock Square in Ramallah, Palestine - one of the city's main landmarks - was sparked by the decision of the municipality to commission the construction of a sculpture to China to replace the old clock tower.

I want to make something. Something intimate and longlasting.

This is the last thing she said to me before she disappeared.

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