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JALFA, JERD - by Elena Radice and Mattia Capelletti












 detail from an illustration by Martin Handford 

JALFA, JERD - Elena Radice and Mattia Capelletti
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"Perceptibility is an attentiveness."


Did these stories somehow match? They believed so. There seemed to be a mysterious remote connection between a director describing a character, a trippy tribute to a falling star, the deep sensation of a colour that can change the surrounding world, and a mechanical voice mumbling about image capture. A matter of common taste probably; or just a shared moment of perception.


As scholars trained in the peculiar art of reaching revelation through the attentive perception of “things made to be seen,” in shared empirical experiments, Mattia Capelletti and Elena Radice present here, gleaned from the arcane body of their research, the recording of what appears to be a collective exercise of sustained attention. An oral account sourced from various found objects whose authorship is unclear.*


Looking at the same landscape can lead different individuals to the same point. A so-called hyper attentive vision, by deepening and expanding one's own perception, could perhaps unleash a range of possibilities that, although already coexisting in the same representation, are latent, hidden behind the creators’ intention or just distorted in the conjunction of a present image with the traces left by a past one.


*Yet even supposing their author or authors had been known, his her or their names shall have had to be protected by secrecy, concealed behind a not much more revealing name of the Bird taxonomy.

Text by Elena Radice & Mattia Capelletti, 

voice by Noemi Radice, sound by Elena Radice.

Elena Radice

Elena Radice is an artist based in Milan. Her practice involves different media, keeping always an eye or an ear on the shaping of the space. The main focus of her research is the storytelling of the user’s condition, explored by its aesthetic side. Sometimes she photographs artists works for money, and she likes it.

Mattia Capelleti

Mattia Capelletti is an independent curator based in Milan. Along with artist Costanza Candeloro he runs IDIOLETTA, a curatorial platform for exhibiting poetry at the intersection with art. 

Both Elena and Mattia collaborate with The Esthetical Society for Transcendental and Applied Realization (now incorporating the Society for Esthetic Realizers), or ESTAR(SER): a collective of scholars whose research is based on the exploration of attention and its history performed through attentional exercises, storytelling and performing lectures.




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