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April 2013 – January 2014
Developed by Elisa Adami and Alessandra Ferrini.
Mnemoscape operated as an online research platform between April 2013 and January 2014. Dedicated to contemporary art practices exploring issues of memory, history and the archival impulse, the blog/platform was intended as a resource
and a space to reflect on the contemporary landscape of memory. As such it was organised in four different categories: 'Monuments', 'Re-enactment', 'Ruins',
'The Archive'.
The platform was greatly shaped by the London context in which it operated,
as it mostly featured extended, face-to-face interviews with emerging and
mid-career artists. This format was motivated by the desire of investigating
and identifying aesthetic, conceptual and methodological choices, especially
in relation to archival-based art practices.
Interviews have included: Uriel Orlow on his project Unmade Film ; Sarah Pucill on her 2013 film based on Claude Cahun's archive, Magic Mirror ; Joanna Rajkowska on her installations at the Vestry House Museum ; Marianna Christofides on the archival work developed while in residency at Gasworks.


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