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Banner Repeater, London – 05 November 2015, 7pm
Facilitated by Mnemoscape.
To mark the publication of The Voices of the Sirens (Mousse Publishing), Little Constellation Network, in collaboration with Mnemoscape, will hold a launch event at Banner Repeater (London) on Thursday the 5th of November. Edited by Alessandro Castiglioni, Rita Canarezza and Pier Paolo Coro, The Voices of the Sirens presents the activities undertaken at Listen to the Sirens, the first space dedicated to contemporary art in Gibraltar, founded in 2014. Conceived as an 'atlas', The Voices of the Sirens acts as both an exhibition catalogue and a travel guide to Gibraltar, offering an in-depth journey through the cultural, geographical, historical and artistic landscape of this atypical microstate.
During the event, Castiglioni, Canarezza and Coro will be in conversation with Mnemoscape founders (Elisa Adami and Alessandra Ferrini) to discuss their long-term research on the artistic production in small states and geo-political micro-areas in Europe, that has culminated in the establishment of Listen to the Sirens. Overall, the discussion will reflect upon the issues involved in provincial art production within a highly globalized and interconnected art world, where the very distinction between the provinces and the centre seems to be blurred out.
The talk will be preceded by the screening of two artists films offering different depictions of Gibraltar: Stabat Mater by Nina Danino (1990) and Winston Churchill Avenue (2010) by Canarezza and Coro.
Banner Repeater, Platform 1, Hackney Downs Network Rail, Dalston Lane, 
E8 1LA, London
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