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Viafarini DOCVA, Milan, IT – 27-29 November 2014
Workshop led by Basma Alsharif and curated by Alessandro Castiglioni (Little Constellation Network) 
and Simone Frangi (Viafarini DOCVA).
Katalogos is the second instance of A Natural Oasis, a long-term research project featuring 15 European artists and researchers. In these three days of work at Viafarini DOCVA in Milan, the group was involved in a workshop led by Basma Alsharif reflecting on the process of collection, enumeration and organization of archive material and documents for the construction of systems and, more generally, of narratives.
A Natural Oasis is composed of: Sarah Capesius (L); Martina Conti (SM); Viola Conti (SM); Lito Kattou & Leontios Toumpouris (CY); Alessandro Di Pietro (I),
Katrín I. Jónsdóttir Hjördísardóttir Hirt (IS – USA), Nico Macina (SM), Francesca Mangion (M), Orestis Mavroudis (GR), Mnemoscape (Elisa Adami, Alessandra Ferrini) (I – UK), Michela Pozzi (SM), Giacomo Raffaelli (I – UK), Jacopo Rinaldi (I)


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