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Montegiardino, Republic of San Marino – 19 July 2014
Curated by Alessandro Castiglioni (Little Constellation Network) and Simone Frangi (Viafarini DOCVA). Hosted by Little Constellation (Rita Canarezza and Pierpaolo Coro)
Ephemeral Works was an exibition of ephemeral artworks and documents produced during A Natural Oasis Summer School - Provoc’arte 1991, proposals for archives (12-19 July 2014). This is the first instance of a long-term research project featuring 15 European artists and researchers. For this exibition Elisa Adami and Alessandra Ferrini produced a series of photographs that documentated, on a daily basis, the group's interaction with the archival materials belonging to the public
art exhibition Provoc’arte 1991 held in San Marino in 1991.
A Natural Oasis is composed of: Sarah Capesius (L); Martina Conti (SM); Viola Conti (SM); Lito Kattou & Leontios Toumpouris (CY); Alessandro Di Pietro (I),
Katrín I. Jónsdóttir Hjördísardóttir Hirt (IS – USA), Nico Macina (SM), Francesca Mangion (M), Orestis Mavroudis (GR), Mnemoscape (Elisa Adami, Alessandra Ferrini) (I – UK), Michela Pozzi (SM), Giacomo Raffaelli (I – UK), Jacopo Rinaldi (I)


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