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Viafarini DOCVA, Milan, IT – 22 October / 22 November 2015
Curated by Alessandro Castiglioni (Little Constellation Network) 
and Simone Frangi (Viafarini DOCVA).
A Natural Oasis is a long-term research project featuring 15 European artists
and researchers. Through a Summer School in the Republic of San Marino and Workshops in Milan and Gibraltar between July 2014 and June 2015, the group
has explored issues related to archival and documentay practices in art.
The project’s final exhibition, has been specifically conceived for Viafarini DOCVA (part of Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan), for Mediterranea 17 Young Artists Biennale.
During the exhibition, Elisa Adami and Alessandra Ferrini will be developing a
series of worskhops/reading groups for the Academy Awards students selected by Viafarini DOCVA. Together they will be exploring notions of collaborative work, reading practices, material and immaterial cultures. They will also organise Pirate Film Screenings of moving image material freely available online and produce a printed zine.
A Natural Oasis is composed of: Sarah Capesius (L); Martina Conti (SM); Viola Conti (SM); Lito Kattou & Leontios Toumpouris (CY); Alessandro Di Pietro (I),
Katrín I. Jónsdóttir Hjördísardóttir Hirt (IS – USA), Nico Macina (SM), Francesca Mangion (M), Orestis Mavroudis (GR), Mnemoscape (Elisa Adami, Alessandra Ferrini) (I – UK), Michela Pozzi (SM), Giacomo Raffaelli (I – UK), Jacopo Rinaldi (I)
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